Sheet Vinyl

Nature's Way

Offered in two beautiful wood grain patterns of numerous color options, Nature’s Way visually engages the eye with natural warmth, depth, and versatility. The texture of this unique sheet vinyl is created to deliver the best of both worlds – just enough texture to offer reduced maintenance, but not too heavy to distract from its pattern. Nature’s Way comes standard with a urethane top coat that adds to its low maintenance features.

Striations Sheet

Striations sheet vinyl flooring is the answer to our industry’s age old question, “What else is there?” With its sleek linear design and contemporary colors, this product breaks the mold of traditional sheet vinyl patterns. In addition, it not only goes beyond the barrier in design but structure as well, offering all the elements of construction that FloorFolio has become known for. Striations comes standard with a urethane top coat which adds to its low maintenance features. Expanding its already vast collection of sheet and luxury vinyl tiles, FloorFolio provides you options of quality and value to meet your flooring needs.



Overall thickness is 2.2mm

Roll Size:

6.56′ (2m) x 65′ 7″ (20m)

Find the matching welding rod for each color of this collection here.

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