Luxury Vinyl Tile

The Ombre Collection revamps traditional colors by using a subtle blend of light and dark shades within each plank. With delicate highlights in the center of the pattern, the graduating color brings warmth to a traditional look.

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Sample Size – Max of 4 per color
Full Plank – Max of 1 per color

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Gauge: 3mm
Wear Layer: 22 mil 
Plank Size:  6” x 48”
Texture: Wood Grain 

Special Order:

Minimums Apply

Gauge: 2mm
Wear Layer: 8 or 12 mil 
Plank Size:  6” x 48”
Texture: Wood Grain

Ombre LVT can also be manufactured as EnviroQuiet®.

This product has been certified to meet the requirements of the flooring products certification program for indoor air quality.

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